Luxury Vinyl Tile

luxury vinyl tile

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Matthews, NC

luxury vinyl tile

Are you considering a flooring upgrade that is both affordable and sophisticated? Come explore the alluring possibilities of our luxury vinyl flooring in Matthews, NC. Our luxury vinyl encompasses an exhaustive range of styles, colors, and patterns to satisfy any aesthetic preference, however bold or traditional. If you haven’t seen the latest trends in vinyl flooring, then you owe it to yourself to come let us show you why our vinyl floors are so popular. This attractive flooring is the affordable way to increase the value and visual appeal of your home’s interior. Whatever your home’s design, our luxury vinyl has a style that will tie it all together. 

Vinyl is widely regarded as a versatile flooring material. Thanks to contemporary manufacturing techniques, it’s easy to see why. Made from composite materials, this flooring option is meant to serve you faithfully for years. From a practical perspective, this floor covering includes all of the following features:

Dependable: The firm-yet-familiar underfoot feeling of vinyl is no coincidence. This material is designed to absorb the impact of drops and furniture, making it resistant against gouges, scratches, and tears.

Hygienic: Vinyl plank flooring, vinyl sheet flooring, and vinyl tile flooring are all non-porous, meaning that dust, liquid, and dirt will have a hard time staying on the surface. Most spills and debris can be cleared away with an approved cleaning solution, a cloth, and a mop. Cleanup is a simple matter.

Hypoallergenic: Since there are no fibers for allergens to cling onto, vinyl is the preferred material for households with allergy-sensitive occupants or guests.

Fashionable: Luxury vinyl tile flooring, as well as planks and sheets, are available in many different colors, patterns, and designs. So if you have a visual theme in mind, this is the material for the job.

Vinyl is also a cost-effective choice for property owners who are seeking a balance between price and performance. Advances in flooring design and production has enabled luxury vinyl to be made in the appearance of other materials. In other words, flooring options are available that closely resemble stone, ceramic, and hardwood.

Make Life Easy with Resilient Flooring

Our gorgeous vinyl floors are the perfect choice for your home’s high traffic areas. Our luxury vinyl is the resilient flooring selection that will stand up to the wear and tear that comes with time. Consider vinyl for your hallways, living room, dining room, and more. Wherever feet tread most frequently in your home, use our resilient vinyl for a luxurious look that will still look fresh years from now. If you have children or pets, you understand the importance of having durable flooring. Our luxury vinyl is the strong, beautiful flooring that will take a beating and keep looking new.

Besides its affordability and attractiveness, our luxury vinyl floor tile is also popular for how easy it is to clean. In today’s world, the demands of work and family leave little time for routine house chores. If you want an exciting floor that doesn’t demand heavy upkeep, choose our luxury tile and relax. Vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture or dirt, so when your child spills a drink or your dog sheds, the clean-up is as easy as brushing over the mess with a mop or broom. Vinyl is the headache-free option that will retain its lustrous beauty for years.

Of course, tile flooring is widely revered for its aesthetic appeal. When you choose luxury vinyl tile, you get everyday durability with long-lasting artistry. Tiles are available in a variety of sizes, as well as colors, shapes, designs, and textures. As a result, you are free to mix and match to attain a look that is unique to your property.

The Versatility of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl’s sheer diversity makes it ever popular with our customers. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, vinyl has a look that’s a match for you. Our luxury plank flooring is a variety of vinyl that imitates hardwood. For an unbeatable price, our luxury vinyl can give you the color, appearance, and texture of real hardwood flooring. Upgrading to vinyl plank flooring is the right choice if you want the authentic look of various materials but don’t want to go over budget.

Vinyl planks allow you to augment every room in your home with the appearance and majesty of hardwood. High-traffic, spill-prone areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or basement can now adopt the likes of oak, cherry, and mahogany. Enjoy the warming character of plank flooring and consider this material for your next remodeling project.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Is the Family-Friendly Option

An active household deserves flooring that can keep up with its pace. Vinyl sheet flooring is just the material for homes with pets and children. It provides a seamless surface that can withstand the everyday demands of foot traffic--and the unexpected. Sheet flooring resists bumps, rips, tears, and spills with ease. When you outfit your common areas with luxury vinyl, you can have confidence that your property will remain tough and beautiful.

Professional Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation for You

Once you’ve narrowed down our eclectic range of vinyl to the one that’s right for you, we come to you and do the hard part. Flooring installation presents many challenges, and it takes a professional to avoid the errors that are so easy to make. Incorrect measurements, imperfections on the floor beneath the vinyl, and more can lead to unsightly improper installation. That’s why we offer you our luxury vinyl flooring installation service. Our professional team will install your new vinyl correctly for a great, long-lasting look. When we’re finished, you’ll have beautiful new luxury vinyl flooring that will still look great years from now.

From start to finish, your remodeling project is in good hands when you coordinate with our flooring center. Our sales representatives stay up-to-date on the latest product releases and trends. As a result, you are able to get targeted advice throughout your project. We’ll even help you pick out materials to coordinate your unique interior design. Along with our experienced installers, you have the resources and assistance you need to revitalize your property.


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