Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile in Matthews, NC

wood look tile in matthews, ncMaximize the value of your new flooring investment when you choose from our broad array of options, including wood look tile in Matthews, NC. The selection of porcelain and ceramic tile at The Flooring Pros, Inc. includes products from the leading manufacturers you know and love. The houses of today require smart solutions that give the owner the look they want and the durability they need.

Designers and decorators love the charm and warmth of hardwood floors. But wood expands and contracts when exposed to sunlight and moisture. A smart option for decorators interested in durability and charm is this innovative new product that looks as natural as the wood in your den.

Our selection includes porcelain and ceramic tile with an advanced top layer that gives the appearance of natural hardwood. Each is made with a process that involves the firing of specialized clays at specific temperatures. The finished tiles are imprinted with a photo layer that mimics the texture and grain of various wood species.

A Modern Kitchen with Style

Tile is a mainstay when it comes to the kitchens and bathrooms in local homes. In the hands of an experienced contractor, these tiles can be cut into a number of patterns and shapes. As a denser variety of tile, porcelain is a smarter choice for covering interior walls and the floor of your patio. Our wood plank porcelain tile gives you an expanded set of opportunities for places that have higher levels of moisture.

The water resistance of this product depends on proper grouting and sealing, so choose a group that specializes in this type of flooring. The choice for the homeowner is clear when they consider the durability and resiliency of this product.

Decorate the walls of any room with tile that matches the comfort and character of wood. Protect the interior of your home from the added moisture you can expect in a bathroom. In the hands of a creative installation specialist, our wood plank ceramic tile can make any room come alive. Tile is also easier to heat and cool, so you can remain comfortable during any season of the year.

Supporting the Customer at Every Step

When you make an investment in ceramic wood tile, you get a floor that makes your home a more beautiful place to live. When you combine our porcelain tile with installation by skilled professionals, your project is sure to prove successful. Collaborate with a group that takes the time to personalize your design theme and enjoy an interior that you are sure to love for the coming years.


Contact us for wood look tile that gives any kitchen and bathroom enduring charm. We proudly serve customers in Matthews, Charlotte, Mint Hill, Monroe, Locust, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities.

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